Social Skills and Social Play: Park style

Social Play and Social Skills

As pediatric occupational therapists, we naturally think about what skills, activities, and requirements occupy a child’s day. While the words occupation and child aren’t often thought of together, pediatric OT’s think in these terms a lot! So what occupations do children have? Read more

Focus and Attention: What day is it?

Ah, one of those broken record days. These are the days when you wonder if the words coming out are really reaching your child’s ears? Or maybe it’s a jumping bean day, when it is near impossible for anyone to stick with something for longer than 2 minutes (and 2 minutes is good!). We experience those days. Read more

Eye-Hand Coordination and Visual-Motor Skills

You know that comforting smell of pancakes in the morning. Eyes sparkling and stomach growling, your nose pointing towards the sky as that big inhale takes in the scent spiraling through the kitchen.  You notice the light glow of the batter as it begins to bubble, and slide your spatula along the pan to scoop up the beautifully shaped breakfast treat. Read more

Fine Motor Skills: Drop that pencil!

So often, children are identified with fine motor skill challenges when they begin picking up those crayons and pencils to draw and write. Ideas that our kiddos have in their heads just don’t seem to come out on paper with the same enthusiasm and clarity. Fast forward to homework time: frustrations flare, papers rip, and power struggles dominate the desk or dinner table. Read more

Developing Balance at the Park

Striving for Balance!

To navigate the world comfortably, we seek balance.  As occupational therapists, we think about the idea of balance in a variety of ways. It can be thought of globally, referring to how much time we spend working, resting, and playing. Read more

Gross Motor Coordination: Let’s coordinate!

Gross motor coordination abilities are often noticed as we watch our children grow. They play chase with friends, scramble up rock piles, and attempt to ride that new bike without training wheels. Some are graceful (for the most part!), without missing a beat. Others, not so much. It just doesn’t seem to come as ‘naturally’ for some as it does to Johnny down the street. Read more

Building Strength and Endurance at the Park

Does your child seem to lack the strength to hold on to overhead bars or pulling himself up when climbing?

Does the day just seem too long for your child and he/she is exhausted by the end?

When going up stairs, does your child seem to use to hand rails to pull himself/herself up? Read more

Powering Up Muscle Tone

The term ‘muscle tone’ can be quite unfamiliar for many. Maybe this is the first time you have heard it, or maybe you feel you have heard it oh too many times! For those who are new to the term and wondering if your child might have low muscle tone, ask yourself these questions:

Does your child seem to have less strength than children his/her age?  Read more

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