Here’s our agenda: We want to make it easier for parents to recognize and fill the needs of their babies and young children as they strive for optimal development. As you read through our blogs and check out our adorable videos, we teach you about the three basic types of sensory babies we see in our practices: the sensitive baby, the organized baby, and the sleepy baby. Each baby has very unique and different needs, and you will learn how to identify these needs and apply sensory strategies to support his or her comfort and development. Welcome to parenthood!


The Sleep and Babies Series – Part 5

What If Baby’s Sensory Personality Conflicts With Yours? Whether or not you have thought about it in this way, conflicting sensory personalities between babies and their parents happens. Even the most confident parent can be thrown into a whirlwind of confusion when trying to negotiate personalities that clash! *Our posts do contain some affiliate links. By […]

The Sleep and Babies Series: Part 4

What is Your Baby’s Sensory Personality and How Does it Impact Your Sleep Approach? Welcome to week 4 of our Sleep and Babies series! So far we have touched on some key information to truly get down to the crux of helping your baby sleep. If you are joining us at this point, make sure […]

The Sleep and Babies Series: Part 3

What Parents Say About Helping Babies Sleep Parents of new babies find out pretty quickly that there are a plethora of different approaches to getting babies to sleep. People who write about, video about and otherwise promote their “foolproof, guaranteed” approach to sleep are quite certain that their ideas will work for you.  As a […]

The Sleep and Babies Series: Part 2

What is a ‘normal’ amount of sleep for babies? Are you worried that your baby is not sleeping enough? Or does it seem like your baby might be sleeping too much? In our Sleep and Babies Series, we are dabbling in many of the questions and concerns that parents have related to sleep throughout baby’s […]

The Sleep and Babies Series: Part 1

Sleep and Babies Contrary to how new parents feel, YES, you can have both! The sleep / baby conundrum is one of the hottest topics for parents of young babies. Getting babies to sleep, helping them stay asleep, establishing bedtime routines and learning how to cope with disrupted sleep are all HUGE issues for parents […]

3 Simple Tips to Provide Extra Loving Care for Every Baby

New parents quickly discover that every baby comes with unique personalities and preferences. Some babies are easy to get to sleep and some require a lot more help.

Helping your sleepy baby wake up!

If you have been keeping up with our Passport to Baby’s First Year blog series, you have been introduced to the three types of babies that we often see in our therapy practices: the Sensitive Baby, the Sleepy Baby, and the Organized Baby. Helping your sleepy baby wake up! March 25th, 2019Mary & Suzanne

How is sensation linked to developmental skills?

Congratulations!!! You are a parent!  Your bundle of joy has arrived, and you are ready to jump into action! We are pretty sure you have stocked up on books and articles and parenting and baby’s developmental skills, talked to family and friends, and have gotten advice you can categorize as the good, the bad, and […]

Parenting the Sensitive Baby

If you are reading this post, likely you have already identified that your baby, or a baby in your life, might be a sensitive baby.  Welcome! You aren’t alone! These can be challenging times, so let’s see if we can help make some sense out of it all. Parenting the Sensitive Baby March 25th, 2019Mary […]

Your baby is crying: Could it be gas?

So, have you tried sensory strategies and your baby is still crying more than other babies her age? The culprit might be GAS! Your baby is crying: Could it be gas? March 25th, 2019Mary & Suzanne