Looking for some FUNctional activities to support sensory processing, developmental skills and even your child’s occupational therapy services?

This PARK KIT was strategically pieced together by two pediatric OTs (that’s us!) to create the most versatile grab n’ go stash of FUN you can find as you hit the great outdoors! Paired with the blogs and demonstration videos on our site, the activities are as endless as your imagination!

Perfect for school-based therapists looking for new inspiration on the playground, clinic-based therapists ready to shake up treatment ideas, and families ready to tackle learning developmental skills, this Park Kit does it all!

What skills can Park Kits develop?

The contents of our Park Kits have been carefully selected to maximize creativity, challenge motor planning and promote play-based learning. We have broken down our skill areas into 6 categories to keep things simple.

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What’s included, you ask?

  • scooter board
  • Gertie Ball (colors vary)
  • Crayola sidewalk chalk
  • 6 wipe-off bean bags
  • 2 squirt bottles
  • 10 balloons
  • hand-held balloon pump
  • 16-foot rope
  • suspended ball
  • Gazillion Bubbles
  • small pool noodle
  • mesh carrying bag
  • durable tub
  • a ‘get started’ list of activities

What people are saying…

“Passport to FUNction’s Park Kit is truly a parent’s best friend at the park! As an occupational therapist, I am always looking for ways I can support my client’s fine motor skills, strength, balance, coordination, motor planning, and sensory processing at the park. This all-in-one portable tool kit allows me to quickly access the materials I need to enhance every child’s play experience! The toys included can be used in countless ways and supports kid’s imagination and creativity. The Park Kit also allows for natural social skill opportunities as other kids at the park won’t resist the chance to jump in and play! The kit has now become one of my favorite therapeutic tools and comes with me to all my park sessions. I highly recommend the Passport Park Kit!”

-Korrie S., Pediatric Occupational Therapist


“I LOVE using the kit with the kids at the park! It allows them to engage in challenging activities that provide them with the input they need, adding to their experience at the park. It also helps socially, as other kids at the park are interested in participating and trying the different tools. Thank you for putting this great kit together!”

Avital S., Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Let us help you get going with activities!

There are numerous ways you can gather play ideas for Park Kit FUN.

 Passport to the Park  We have an entire section of our website dedicated to activities you can do with our Park Kits, categorized by the skill areas you would like to focus on!

 Each Park Kit comes with a list of ideas to get you started!

  Download our Park Kit Activity Cards! Print, cut, play….it’s that simple!

Already have some of this stuff at home? Want to piece together your own kit? Here’s all you need to know – CLICK HERE!

Just bringing one of these items to the park or playground can enhance your child or client’s learning, skill building and FUN! Make sure you head back to our blog posts to make the most of your next adventure outdoors! (pssst. one more little secret: You can do many of these activities inside as well!)

Have fun and we will see you at the park!