Theme Play at the Park: Star Wars

Star Wars has been loved for generations. Starting with the movies, branching out to toys, and even DIY light sabers and masks.  Adults and children alike go crazy for all things Star Wars, so why wouldn’t you use its magnetizing powers for good (at the park)? Read more

Gross Motor Coordination: Let’s coordinate!

Gross motor coordination abilities are often noticed as we watch our children grow. They play chase with friends, scramble up rock piles, and attempt to ride that new bike without training wheels. Some are graceful (for the most part!), without missing a beat. Others, not so much. It just doesn’t seem to come as ‘naturally’ for some as it does to Johnny down the street. Read more

Building Strength and Endurance at the Park

Does your child seem to lack the strength to hold on to overhead bars or pulling himself up when climbing?

Does the day just seem too long for your child and he/she is exhausted by the end?

When going up stairs, does your child seem to use to hand rails to pull himself/herself up? Read more

Powering Up Muscle Tone

The term ‘muscle tone’ can be quite unfamiliar for many. Maybe this is the first time you have heard it, or maybe you feel you have heard it oh too many times! For those who are new to the term and wondering if your child might have low muscle tone, ask yourself these questions:

Does your child seem to have less strength than children his/her age?  Read more

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