November 20, 2016 Igal Shuster

Clinical Observations at the Park Tool

Clinical Obs at the Park tool imageDesigned for Pediatric Occupational Therapists


Observing a child in a natural environment can provide valuable information regarding growth and development. Conducting a therapy session at a local park with a client and his parents is an opportunity to see how the child is functioning in a typical community setting and how the parent and child engage through play. While some parents are intrinsically very playful, others might need guidance as they discover the therapeutic value of play at the park.

The clinical observations that we gather during our park sessions provide a snapshot of how the child is developing and navigating through his environment. With this baseline, we are able to design and tailor activities to support skill development! This information also allows us to focus on identified areas of difficulty in the clinical setting that will help the child grow and learn in their natural environments.

Designed for Parks and Playgrounds

Our Clinical Observations at the Park Tool has been designed specifically for parks and playgrounds! Use it as a friendly reminder of mental notes to take, or get down and dirty and circle, underline, highlight, and pass it on!  Packed with resources and handouts, this tool will make documentation easier, communication with parents flawless, and developing home programs and treatment interventions a breeze! If you are a therapist in private practice with flexibility to head to the park, or a school-based therapist who creatively utilizes the playground, this tool is definitely one you want in your toolbox!

Here’s what you get:

  1. DETAILED CHECKLIST – 15 areas of to observe when working with a child at the park (We have included examples of behavior in each area!)
  2. RESULTS CHECKLIST – a summary of findings for parents outlining their child’s strengths and challenge areas
  3. EQUIPMENT KEY – Not sure what equipment to use to address your findings? We figured it out for you!
  4. GLOSSARY OF TERMS – definitions of terminology and how each area impacts a child’s daily life
  5. PARK ACTIVITY LIST – specific ideas for parents to use with their child


Upon download, we offer suggestions on how we love to use each section of the Clinical Observations at the Park (and playground) Tool!

These PDF files are ‘clickable’, making it easy to check off boxes right from your computer and email the results!