4 Week Summer Activity Packet

4 Weeks of fun fine motor and sensory motor activities for your kids.

Each week has a summer related theme and consists of 2 fine motor activities, a writing prompt, a visual motor activity, and a couple of activities that provide sensory input and work on motor planning skills.

Suggestions for grading activities can be found in several activity descriptions.

Packet created by OTPlan - activity ideas

Back to School Activity Packet

The packet promotes fine motor, sensory, and handwriting skills.

Fine Motor Activities
Consists of multi-step direction activities designed to develop and promote fine and visual motor skills, motor control skills, hand strengthening, and bilateral coordination. Each craft activity provides a list of materials, skills being addressed, step-by-step directions, and print outs. The worksheets include a maze, line tracing, matching, and other activities that promote visual perception and motor coordination.

A variety of sensorimotor activities that promote motor planning skills and provide sensory input. Each activity lists the materials to be used, skills being addressed, and step-by-step directions. Some of the activities include print outs as well.

Worksheets that provide writing prompts related to our “Back to School” theme. Each writing prompt has a page with single lines or double lines to support legibility.

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Packet created by OTPlan - activity ideas

Baby Sleep Book

This 27-page ebook uses a unique, sensory-based approach to helping babies (and parents) sleep more soundly. Our goal is to provide you with the essential information that you need to read your baby’s sensory signals. Understanding what your baby is trying to tell you will reveal some surprising tips on not only how to calm your little one, but how to transform your baby into a great sleeper! Everything Your Baby Wants You To Know About SLEEP will give you the information you need to choose a sleep strategy that works for your entire family.

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Summer Olympic Games Activity Worksheets

Three simple printables that go along with our Summer Olympic Games at the park post! Designed to help organize and sequence play while adding a little drawing, writing and coloring practice. Every child will be a gold medal winner by the end of your day at the park!

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Clinical Observations at the Park Tool

Clinical Observations at the Park (and playground) is a tool specifically designed for pediatric occupational therapists. Organizing what you see when working with a child will make your sessions together efficient, effective and FUN! We included documents that help you educate parents about therapeutic park activities, making follow up easy.

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Pumpkin Fidget Activity Pack

Designed to address sensory processing challenges including: body awareness,  balance, self­regulation, imitation of postures, auditory discrimination, impulsivity, coordination, sequencing, fine motor skills, and visual motor skills

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